Center of the City Fest was built from the ground up to support the local punk scene, and because of that, it has become Kansas City's premeire punk rock fest. This year will be our 5th year and it's the biggest yet. For $15 you get 48 bands packed into three nights on two stages at Davey's Uptown Ramblers Club. Althought Davey's is 21+, the bar is a great fit for us as the venue believes in providing local punk rock for the local punks. Come celebrate with us, share this page with your friends, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and most of all, "Up the punks!" OUR SCENE OUR FEST!

Thursday Night Small Stage
7:00 Breaka Dawn
7:50 Suicide Robins
8:40 The Black Hand
9:30 Slow Motion Commotion
10:20 The Abominable Showmen
11:10 Ebony Tusks
12:00 The Plug Uglies
Thursday Night Main Stage
7:25 Destroy Nate Allen
8:15 The Protesters
9:05 The Wrong Alice
9:55 American Dischord
10:45 Alien Youth
11:35 Sundiver
Friday Night Small Stage
7:25 The Creeps
8:15 Billy Badass
9:05 Deco Auto
9:55 Childish Adults
10:45 Will Mallot
11:35 Life on Mars
12:25 Conchance
Friday Night Main Stage
7:00 Savage Land
7:50 Exeter
8:40 The Soiled Doves
9:30 Make Your Mark
10:20 Hipshot Killer
11:10 The Rackatees
12:00 The Electric Lungs
12:50 Hans Gruber & The Die Hards
Saturday Night Small Stage
5:25 Semiotic Weapons
6:15 Dead Ven
7:05 Scott Eggleson
7:55 Devils in the Details
8:45 Lazy 'ol Bitch
9:35 Nato Coles
10:25 Dave's On Drugs
11:15 Parental
12:05 Straight Outta Luck
Saturday Night Main Stage
5:00 Four Arm Shiver
5:50 Porcellian
6:40 Bombs over Broadway
7:30 Stinkbomb
8:20 Odds Against
9:10 The Biff Tannens
10:00 Stiff Middle Fingers
10:50 Uberficker
11:40 Red Kate
12:30 Smash the State