The annual Center of the City Fest is back for its third and biggest year yet. The fest celebrates the local Kansas City punk rock community with three days and two stages of live music. The festival features over 30 bands all performing at Black & Gold Tavern/Vandals in midtown Kansas City. The festival is a love letter to our local scene and the bands and fans that make it great. There are no national acts to draw far away fans, just our friends and their bands – the ones that are here every week building Kansas City. This is a very different sort of festival.

This year we have both an indoor and outdoor stage to provide non-stop music from 7pm 'til 1:15am on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday all acts are on the inside stage running from 6pm until 12:30am. You'll be able to see every band without making any hard choices. $7 a day, $21 bucks for the whole weekend. That's only 64 cents a band! The Black & Gold Tavern have awesome drink specials all weekend ensuring a great time for all.

Friday Night
7pm- Big Iron (in)
7:30- Plug Uglies (out)
8:00- 5 Star Disaster (in)
8:30- Stinkbomb (out)
9:00- Four Arm Shiver (in)
9:30- Bombs Over Broadway (out)
10:00- The Haddonfields (in)
10:30- Documentary (out)
11:00- American Dischord (in)
11:30- Smash the State (out)
12am- The Shidiots (in)
12:45- The Uncouth (in)
Saturday Night
7pm- Deco Auto (in)
7:30- Dead Ven (out)
8:00- The Itch (in)
8:30- Donner Diaries (out)
9:00- Scene of irony (in)
9:30- KC Thieves (out)
10:00- Molotov Latte (in)
10:30- Red Kate (out)
11:00- Bottle Breakers (in)
11:30- Hipshot Killer (out)
12am- The Bad Ideas (in)
12:45- Iron Guts Kelly (in)
Sunday Night (all acts in)
6:00- Sister Mary Rotten Crotch
6:45- Black on Black
7:30- The Biff Tannens
8:15- The Hemorrhoids
9:00- The Rackatees
9:45- Stiff Middle Fingers
10:30- The Protesters
11:15- Bummer
12am - The Death Scene
12:45 - Ghetto Blaster

There ya have it folks get those livers primed and ready, save up some money to buy merch and thank you all in advance for all the support you show us. Please share this page with your friends, join us on Facebook, and help us make this year the best COTC yet! OUR SCENE OUR FEST!