Center of the City Fest is happy to announce that for our fourth year we've moved to Harling's Upstairs. It's a bigger room but, the fest continues to celebrates the local Kansas City punk rock community with three days of live music, over 30 bands, and no bullshit.

Please share this page with your friends, follow us on Facebook, and help us make this year the best COTC yet! OUR SCENE OUR FEST!

Thursday Night
7:00 Semiotic Weapons
7:35 Billy Badass
8:10 Hipshot Killer
8:45 The Uncouth
9:20 Wrong Alice
9:55 The Plug Uglies
11:05 Uberticker
11:40 Protestors
12:15 Lazy Ol' Bitch
Friday Night
6:00 Deco Auto
6:35 The Electric Lungs
7:10 Biff Tannens
7:45 Rackatees
8:20 The Haddonfields
8:55 Odds Against
9:30 Dead Ven
10:05 The Death Scene
10:40 Hossferatu
11:15 Red Kate
11:50 Four Arm Shiver
12:25 Bombs over Broadway
Saturday Night
6:00 The Bad Ideas
6:35 Fiscal Spliff
7:10 The Shidiots
7:45 Brutally Frank
8:20 The Wilderness
8:55 Smash the State
9:30 Scene of Irony
10:05 Iron Guts Kelly
10:40 Bottle Breakers
11:15 People's Punk Band
11:50 Black Luck
12:25 Stiff Middle Fingers